Q: Does your listed price include shipping?
A: No, shipping costs are determined by the destination, weight and zip code. Grifform® will provide you with an estimated cost for the product you are requesting and the transporters approximate shipping time.
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Colorfil: you can use Grifform's® Colorfil system to create your own custom graphics on any surface, wood, metal, plastic, glass or anywhere else you wish to try. Customize your table top or countertop, create an attractive sign or a beautiful cutting board inlay. With Grifform® Colorfil the creative possibilities are virtually endless. We offer a number of stock colors and will custom mix if needed. See the instructions below to understand the steps needed to use this very interesting and versatile product. The Grifform® Colorfil has been used in the solid surface industry to create some spectacular elements and signage. Both strong and waterproof for interior or exterior use. It can be sanded, polished and is very durable.
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