Shower Walls ~ Standard
Grifform Innovations® Shower Walls are also made of DuPont™ Corian®. Not all solid surface materials in the market place today are 100% acrylic with the aluminum tri-hydrate and polymer components. Corian® meets the requirements for AIA 2006 in that it is Class 1 (A) fire-rated and virtually has no off-gassing or VOCs. Corian® features non-porous stain and heat resistant qualities. Expensive wall replacement due to the failure of traditional tile & grout is no longer an issue when using Corian® Shower Walls by Grifform Innovations®.
  • The 1/4" Solid Surface wall panel sets are made to fit 60" wide tubs in depths of 32" and 34", and heights of 60" and 72".
  • Wall side panels are pre-coved for easy installation, fewer seams and expansion, with smooth radius edges.
  • Multiple styles of shower caddies, grab bars and shelves are optional.
  • Wall panels are available in most ¼" Solid Surface Colors. All other ½" colors may be processed upon request at added expense.

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