“Product Innovation Award”

GRIFform® was honored to be selected as the winner of the 2017 EFA Product Innovation Awards. A panel of judges have determined Overflow Protection to be the most innovative and unique product serving the senior living design industry.

“New Overflow Protection”

This most recent and spectacular addition to the industries need has been developed by GRIFform® because of user demands. "Overflow Protection", is available on any style.

“Barrier Free Trench Drain Pans”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® Barrier Free Trench Drain Pans are all pitched from the entry floor level to the opposite wall with minimal slope. This style of shower pan is a good option for transfer and roll-in operations.

“Barrier Free Sloping Shower Pans”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® Barrier Free Sloping Shower Pans are all pitched from the entry floor level to a completely variable drain location with minimal slope. This style of shower pan is a good option for larger walk in areas that satisfy easy movement and assisted care.

“Barrier Free Ramping Entry Pans”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® Barrier Free Ramping Entry Pans are often referred to as Low-Egress showers because the entry has a sloping ramp that creates a crown into the shower.

“Custom Shower Pans”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® offers custom shower pans made of durable solid surface. Combining beauty and function allows this versatile material to accommodate all your custom pan floor needs.

“Shower Accessories”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® Shower Accessories offer a wide array of options to compliment your individual needs. Combining from and design with a large pallet of color.

“Classic Shower Pans”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® Classic Pans feature a center drain location which will allow for easy upgrades from fiberglass and/or acrylic versions. The Classic Pans are available in a variety of color choices.

“Join Our Team”

GRIFform INNOVATIONS® is a family owned company.
We are always interested in recruiting qualified individuals to join our team. Our company is a great place to invest your time.
GRIFform INNOVATIONS® is a veteran owned company.


GRIFform INNOVATIONS® of Glide, Oregon is a diverse and leading-edge manufacturer of innovative Corian® products. We provide solutions for healthcare, education, military, hospitality, residential contractors and home owners. We specialize in Custom Shower Pans and Sinks. Whether you’re intending a small job, renovation, expansion, complete home remodeling, or new construction, we have the solid surface products to complete any project. Whatever we do, we do it with Distinctive Excellence. Some products may be available in materials other than Corian® and Hi-Macs®. Please contact us for details.
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offers a vast array of diverse products:
Standard Products

Shower Pans

  • Classic Shower Pans

  • Shower Walls

  • Shower Accessories

  • Shower Drain Assembly


  • Kitchen Sinks

  • Lavatory Sinks

  • Baby Baths

  • Utility Sinks

  • Surgical Scrub Sinks

Other Products

  • Thresholds

  • Grab Bars

  • Wall Cladding

  • Window Sills

  • Cover Plates

  • Colorfil

  • and much more

Custom Products

Shower Pans

  • Barrier Free Shower Pans

  • Custom Shower Pans


  • Custom Kitchen Sinks

  • Custom Lavatory Sinks

  • Custom Utility Sinks

Other Products

  • Custom Thresholds

Thank you so much! You’re the best! I really appreciate this speedy turn around! I never expected to get it done this fast! I really, really appreciate it! Your attitude towards customers is what makes a business successful taking care of a customers need, to be nice and help
Thank you very excited to get it

Hi Gail,
Thank you for all your help getting our order completed & shipped.

Hi Gail,
I received the shower pan yesterday. It looks great! Packaged very nicely. Thank you so much it's been a pleasure.
Take care,

You make a great product. We have been enjoying our shower from you for about 2 years.

Hi Tracy,
Just wanted to let you know I received my shower pan today. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to install it. I want to thank you and Gail for all your help in getting this done. Its been a pleasure doing business with you both.
Thank You,

Hi Gail,
The shower pan is Awesome! We had Corian installed on the walls. Thanks for a great experience. Tell everyone Great Job. In addition, the shower pan arrived well protected on the shipping pallet strapped with packaging foam and cardboard.
Thanks again,

Hi Gail,
First of all, we finished installing our shower base (which came from Grifform) and it came out terrific. We are now doing a new bathroom and are contemplating whether we should do some of it with the same material.

Thank you for the great service. You and your company have been nothing but outstanding. I will recommend you and your company whenever and wherever I can.


The shower turned out beautiful! Thank you so much for all your help. Both my plumber and tiler were very impressed with the shower pan (they had never seen one before). I of course pointed them to your website. I will be back next year when we redo the shower in our master bathroom.


We have received our custom shower base and just wanted to thank-you, the entire process was great and the quality of the product is great. Just wanted to drop a quick note, future needs of the school will be through your company!
Again thanks,

Lee Barsom
Director of Operations/Finance
Franklin Academy

My expectations were exceeded in every way. Absolutely love it!
Thank you and your team so much!!


Good Afternoon Gail,
Thanks so much for the prompt response. We will run this estimate by our client and get back to you hopefully within a week.
Your website and ordering pages are exceptional – great job!

Thanks, Dennis

Hi Gail
I promised to send you pics of the Shower/Bath, when completed. It finally is. Your products were Awesome and I think the finished product reflects that.
Hope business is good and things get back to normal for you guys!

Regards, Roy

Hi Gail
Our threshold arrived today, and it's just perfect!
Thanks so much for your help!


"Showed up in perfect condition, great packaging!"

Thanks again!

"Just wanted to thank you again, for all the help, and the person who made the threshold, wonderful job !! and the shipping department, really, really wrapped well and no kinks of labels, and your company as a whole, very professional !!!! thank everybody for me."


"I picked up my shower pan on Thursday and installed yesterday. I can't begin to compliment enough you and your organization for the fantastic job. Your customer interface was outstanding, The engineering drawings showed everything I needed to know. From the outset I was nervous about the shipping, however the great packaging system proved foolproof. What a great company."

Thanks again and stay well.

"Thank you for your prompt and friendly service! It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with both of you."


"I picked up our shower base today. It looks GREAT! Thanks for your help and your patience with me. Measurements seem to be 100% correct."


"I picked up the shower base yesterday, it looks great, thank you for an excellent product."


"I wanted to let you know how fantastic the sink is and what an overwhelming approval was received. Thank you for getting it to us in time for a thorough discussion with board, staff and designers. Keep in touch and stay well,"


"That is great news and fantastic service. From the moment I phoned your company with questions I was really impressed with your operation. Everyone was so patient with my many questions and Rachael worked hard to get everything right especially with everything being done online and without me being able to see Corian samples around here. So far, I would have no hesitation in using you again or recommending you to others I look forward to receiving the order in due course."


"Order received and installed, looks great! Couldn't be happier!"


"The box arrived yesterday after I had left for the day. I opened it this morning. All looks good. I'm sure your packaging technique goes a long way toward ensuring safe delivery."

Thanks again!

"Thank you for the notifications. I am pleasantly surprised at how fast the manufacturing of the basin was from sign-off to completion. This experience has been remarkably smooth and enjoyable, to say the least."

Merry Christmas to you, as well!

"The shower pan and sink arrived yesterday. My wife and I just wanted to let you know the sink exterior looked beyond our expectations and is exactly the effect we were going for. Well done! The pan seam is almost invisible in strong natural light and you really need to be looking for it to spot it. We did not notice it at all last night under the LED lighting we will be using for our renovation, and the bath has no windows. Chalk this one up to a total success using patterned Corian. Please pass along a Thank You and Excellent Job to all involved with the fabrication of our pieces."


"Needing a custom sized shower pan usually means trying to build one using waterproofing details that are not "constructable" and eventually lead to leaks. Tile is then used for the shower floor creating a cleaning nightmare. Our master bath is directly over another bathroom so leaks would be even more destructive. So I turned to Grifform. They provided a shower pan that doesn't leak and has a modern aesthetic. The process was also simple and headache free."


"California Tile Installers has been doing business with Grifform for many years now. We have had nothing but excellent customer service from them; from ordering (custom and stock products), quality of craftsman ship, and willingness to assist in tackling any project, we have always been thoroughly satisfied. We value the relationship that we have formed with them and would gladly recommend their services to others"

Summer Martinez
Assistant Project Manager
California Tile Installers

"The Corian thresholds were perfect. Your company was great to deal with as well."

Thanks very much,

"Thank you so much for the quick reply yesterday! I'm very happy to hear you can work with these dimensions, that was the big question. Everything else sounds like it will be fine, and we can figure out details more precisely once I loop my contractor in. By the way, I was impressed that you sent a detailed reply so quickly, and it makes me feel good about working with you guys. 🙂


"I received ordered items. Again, I'm impressed with your products and packaging/shipping!"

Good day!
Dave Gregory

"Whenever a quote is requested, they give a quick response so I can talk numbers with my client quickly and early in the planning process. We have ordered several custom Corian floors from Grifform. Each one was made exactly to our specifications and was received per their date stated, if not earlier, and went in without a hitch. We've been very pleased with every order and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a Corian shower base."

Yours truly,
Charlene Butler
Marble Works of San Diego

"The shower pan and accessories were delivered on Monday. The pan is beautiful and perfect. It's been nice doing business with you."

I wish you good health and best regards.
Len B

"Thank you for sending the picture. I picked up the pan this morning and it looks exactly like the picture. It was very well packaged and there is no apparent damage. The pan itself is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, especially with the odd placement of the drain, Grifform did a great job! It has been a pleasure working with you and the entire Grifform team, I couldn't be happier with my new shower pan."

Thank you

"As a designer and a builder I am intrigued and excited about Grifform's barrier free shower Overflow Protection as it relates to incorporating a desired design and functional requirement for bathing/showering with the sequence for construction where these two are often at odds with barrier free showers causing out of sequence work to accommodate the product which in turn causes delays and added cost to the project. The functionality of the drain and trench strainer are also impressive."

Thank you,

"I really appreciate what you do and your workmanship is awesome.Your pricing is great and you have no worries in being competitive as I am only calling on you."

Thanks Again!
Chuck Gilsoul
Project Manager
Floor Factors Inc.

"Whatever you guys are doing, you are doing it right. SUCH a pleasure to deal with your assistant today. She was so helpful, super professional and uber capable. She helped me find what I needed quickly (a shower transition sill and two shower shelves), she worked with the fabrication guys to get it to me quickly and then worked her buns off to get it shipped to me quickly. She literally just saved me weeks/dollars in delays. THANK YOU!!!"

(BTW, I found you guys through your website. I LOVE how you show what each of your products are and how to customize. That's rare for these products ... I have been looking in shops around Minneapolis-St. Paul for days with no luck. You guys are rocking it!! THANK YOU!)

"We installed the shower pan today and we, as well our contractor, are very pleased with the quality of the product. Also, it was very well packaged. All in all an outstanding product."

Thanks very much,

"The window sill arrived yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks great. I feel fortunate to have found your company on the web."


"It has been a pleasure doing business with a company as professional and organized as yours."

Thanks for everything. I look forward to future business.

"Thank you, you guys are a stand out company and that is why I try to send customers your way."

Thanks again!

"That was fast! Thank you very much for the great service that you have provided. All of your work and excellent follow-up are much appreciated."

Best Regards,
Sherry A. Crawford

"Grifform Innovations constructed a custom Corian shower pan for my new shower because the only options in Austin were cultured marble or ceramic tile and I wanted a low maintenance non-slip surface that would coordinate with my existing wall tile. Your employees were knowledgeable, prompt, and thorough with their suggestions and responses. They also got immediate responses from Grifform's engineering folks for any questions they couldn't answer themselves. The shower pan arrived from Oregon on time, well packed, at the promised price, and was easily installed using the provided instructions and supplies. Each email was answered promptly and honestly. Moreover, I had a follow-up maintenance question 3 months after the pan was shipped and paid for and Gail replied just as quickly and thoroughly as she had when I was not in the closed customer file."

It was a pleasure doing business with such a professional, service-oriented company!

"This is to tell you how pleased I was with both your company''s product and the level of service provided. I thought the process of ordering was efficient and carefully done with all the paperwork neat and clear and I appreciated your informing me in advance that the manufacture would take a couple days longer than originally thought. Finally, I have to compliment you on the excellent packaging of your product! I can see that it would take extreme mishandling for the product to be damaged! Everything went without a hitch in our installation and I have a very pleased remodeling client. This was my first experience with a Corian shower pan and I will recommend it highly to future clients and I will be calling you again."

Many thanks,
David Bird
Owner, Bird Construction & Design

"Hi! I just wanted to send a much belated "thank you" for the shower pan you sent us oh so long ago! We just got moved into our house out in the country the last weekend in April (finally - after almost 2 years of remodeling) and I have to tell you that the bathroom is the nicest sanctuary I have ever seen. Your shower base is PERFECT! We have heated floors and subdued lighting and a HUGE shower with a perfect base. It is indeed not slippery, even with soap/shampoos/lotions, etc on it. It looks perfect and is better than we had even hoped for!"

Thanks again.
Have a great day!

"Your 2 Shelf Corner Caddy just arrived. The Fed Ex deliveryman helped open the box so it could be inspected. It is in perfect condition. I can't imagine it could possibly not be, with the outstanding packing that was done. Thank you for your care, for making the product available, and for your accommodations when I didn't have a fax access. I look forward to enjoying this for years to come."


"I just received the shower caddy today. It was packed superbly and arrived in perfect condition. It matched the tile chosen and was just what I wanted. Thank you for a great product, extremely careful packaging, attention to detail, and great customer service."

Again, thank you!
Holly Sachdev

"We had a shower pan installed recently in our home. It is a terrific product! Our problem was failing grout and this obviously solves that problem. But even more, it looks great, is not slick, cleans up easily, and appears durable (hey, it is Corian). The entire process was great, including your firm contacting us through our contractor with concerns about the transition from the "wall" to the floor. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, whether they are trying to solve a grout problem, remodeling a bathroom, or building a new home."


"Hi Ladies!
Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my last order of cubbies, you girls rock 🙂 I am so impressed with your follow through and for working non stop to get my small rush job done in like no time at all. I can't believe they showed up today (this morning) and I was able to install them this afternoon and finish the job right before my customers' big party. thx you so much for doing such great quality under such pressing time constraints. It wasn't your fault the material showed up a week and a half late and yet you did everything you could to make it happen for my customers. It is a pleasure doing business with you and feel free to use this review."

🙂 GREAT JOB!!!!!!
Divine Kitchen and Cabinets


Overflow Protection

This most recent and spectacular addition to the industry's need was developed by GRIFform® because of user demands. Overflow Protection is available on any style.

Barrier Free Shower Pans
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