Barrier Free Shower Pans ~ ADA Compliant

Barrier Free Shower Pans

New Overflow Protection Available

Barrier Free Pans Pans:offer Ramping Entry & Sloping Entry (that is often referred to as No-Egress). You can choose if you would like a Standard Drain or an Trench Drain.

The added value of “Overflow Protection” makes Grifform® the premiere product. For the care provider, assistance is greatly enhanced by accessibility and less danger from water spillage and unnoticeable restriction at the entrance greatly reduce safety issues while assisted bathing is required.

For more information check out our Overflow Protection Information Page

Barrier Free Pans: Detailed Product Information

Grifform® Barrier Free Pans: Certification

to meet HUD Bulletin 73a, CSA B45.5/ IAPMO Z124, & ASME A 112.197/CSA B45.10

Q: How long has your company been producing products made with Corian®?

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Q: What is the offset requirement for the shower wall?

Q: Do you have non-obtrusive threshold options?

Q: Are there any options for extra slip resistant surfacing on shower or bathroom floors.

Q: What is a Trench Drain Pan?

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