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Classic Shower Pans: are created to satisfy most standard shape and size options, including right and left Tub Replacement models with accommodating drain locations. The Grifform® Classic Pans feature a center drain location which will allow for easy upgrades from fiberglass and/or acrylic versions. The Classic Pans are available in a variety of DuPont™ Corian® color choices. This product is made to provide lasting durability, simple maintenance and easy installation. Combine your choices and a listed price will be provided for you below. Directions and instructions are provided to aid in your product choices.

Classic Shower Pans: Detailed Product Information

Grifform® Classic Shower Pans: Certification

to meet HUD Bulletin 73a, CSA B45.5/ IAPMO Z124, & ASME A 112.197/CSA B45.10
Products SDO42097 SDO42150 SDO42099 SPC3636N SPC3838N SPC3636R SPC3838R SPC4836R SPC3636S SPC3838S SPC6032LH SPC6032RH SPC6034LH SPC6034RH

Q: How long has your company been producing products made with Corian®?

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Q: Would you explain the differences between the Straight Wall, Square Wall or Coved Wall variations?

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Q: How do I care for my shower pan?

Q: Does Grifform® endorse any particular sub floor?

Q: How do I install a shower pan?

Q: What type of sub floor does it require for installation of a shower pan?

Q: What is the offset requirement for the shower wall?

Q: What is different about the Classic shower pan?

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