Grifform Management Team
Dwight Griffin
Dwight is the company founder. He was responsible for product design, research and development. Dwight was the technical interface with architects, engineers, and designer/specifiers. He is creative, innovative and passionate about the products he developed and the role our company offers to service our customer, our community and our economy.
Gail Griffin
Corporate President/General Manager
Gail is Corporate President/General Manager of Grifform Innovations, Inc. As Financial Manager she is responsible for all Accounting operations. Other duties include, coordinating all travel and tradeshow arrangements, and assist in estimating and customer/vender relationship. Gail has been an active director in all aspects of the company since 1984.
Michael Caddock
Engineer & Production Fabrication
Michael is responsible for product design & engineering. He has an eye for detail and has been working closely with both Dwight and the production team. Michael has been with GRIFform Innovations® for one year and brings a strong engineering education and background.
Shelly Tanksley
Manager of Marketing/Graphic Arts Dept. & Webmaster
Shelly has been with GRIFform Innovations® since 2007. She has contributed her exceptional computer skills and her innovative creativity to the GRIFform Innovations® team. She is responsible for overseeing all of GRIFforms marketing and graphic arts needs as well as being Grifform’s Webmaster. Prior to coming to GRIFform Innovations® Shelly spent two years as the Assistant Marketing Director for Wholesale Outlet (an HVAC Supply Store in Sacramento,CA.).