Privacy Partitions ~

Privacy Partitions

GRIFform Innovations® Partitions are prepared in all the standard sizes used in the partition industry making substitution of standard configuration easy. They are built so standard partition hardware may also be used, making installation easy for tradesmen who install this product; this helps ensure lower installation cost. We offer three styles of Privacy Partitions: One style is laminated on core materials using DuPont™ 1/4″ materials which allow both sides a finished face. Our second style is made using 1/2″ Corian® laminated back to back which allows a finished face on both sides, and the array of all 1/2″ color choices. The third option is our 1/2″ Stiled model which features 1/2″ DuPont™ Corian® panels and doors with 4″ wide styles. All panel and door finish thickness is 7/8″ and 58″ high. Our Toilet and Privacy Partitions may also be constructed as ceiling mounted, floor mounted with or without top rail supports, allowing for the installation that best fits your design requirements

Privacy Partitions: Detailed Product Information

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