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Shower Walls

Shower Walls: Grifform® Shower Walls are made of DuPont™ Corian® in any of the over 100 colors in the ½” material and a handful of colors made of the ¼” panels. This is an exceptionally good choice of material for wet environments. The ease of cleaning with an abrasive cleanser and pad clean off body oils, soap films and even calcium build up without any worry of damage. In fact, such types of cleaning renew the finish forever. Grifform® Shower Walls are custom made and can be constructed without on-site seams when requested. Many trims and accessories are also available all made of the same materials for a monolithic application. Seats, caddies, shelves and grab bars are all standard products be listed under Shower Caddies.

Custom Shower Walls are available upon request.
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Shower Walls: Detailed Product Information

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