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This page contains Grifform Innovations® customers Frequently Asked Questions that have been asked over the years. If you have a question that is not listed please use the FAQ form below. As a service oriented company we strive to bring Distinctive Excellence in our approach to any product or service we provide.
Q: How long has your company been producing products made with Corian®?
A: Grifform®Innovation has been producing Corian®(solid surface) products since 1984.
Q: Do you build custom shower pans?
A: Yes, this is the most asked question we get. We have built solid surface shower pans from 1998 forward. This is one reason we have accumulated such a variety of options, experience has allowed Grifform® the opportunity to meet the daily challenges of the market place. Not every application is the right solution for a particular situation. Grifform® has developed solutions to satisfy these many varying challenges.
Q: Can Grifform sinks be used with granite, marble or tile?
A: Grifform® sinks are built to be easily installed under, over or through any surfacing material. The design flexibility is so versatile many combinations of
materials can be used.
Q: Can I order an Overmount sink instead of an ordinary Undermount variation?
A: Yes any of our sinks can be either Undermount or Overmount. Many models are also offered as Vessel or Wall Hung variations.
Q: Does your listed price include shipping?
A: No, shipping costs are determined by the destination, weight and zip code. Grifform® will provide you with an estimated cost for the product you are requesting and the transporters approximate shipping time.
Q: Can I have a different height sink?
A: Yes all Grifform® Kitchen and Utility along with many Lavatory sinks allow heights to be altered from the standard height which are stated. These can be altered in heights from 3” to 12″ in one inch increments. This option can be selected on the “Product Request Form” where desired heights can be selected and pricing adjustments are applied.
Q: What if I can’t find the sink size I need?
A: Grifform® has one of the most extensive selection of Solid Surface sinks anywhere. Should you need something not listed you will find we have many models that allow for modifications as part of the Grifform® sink program.
Q: Are overflow drains required in my lavatory sink?
A: Overflow drains are included as part of most standard lavatory sink. However, not legally required and Grifform® offers this as a feature that can be omitted. Simply tag that option on your request form.
Q: Can I change the drain location on a Lavatory Sink?
A: Yes you can change the drain location on most of the Lavatory Sinks for an additional fee. Some styles don’t have that option but new models can and are being added regularly.
Q: Can I change the drain location on a Kitchen Sink?
A: Yes you can change the drain location on Kitchen Sinks for an additional fee. The standard location is centered.
Q: What if I have to replace an existing sink and I can’t find anything that will match the opening in my countertop?
A: Should you need something that possibly isn’t available anymore Grifform® can generally build you a new sink specifically for your situation. Custom and special plumbing fixtures are one of Grifform’s specialties.
Q: Can I have an overflow in a Utility sinks?
A: Overflow drains are an optional accessory that can be added to any Grifform® sink, even kitchen sinks upon special request.
Q: Are the shower products you build made for commercial applications?
A: Absolutely, Grifform® has furnished shower pans to many different industries. Some are Hospitality, Municipalities, Healthcare, the R.V. and Marine manufactures and even Offshore Drilling platforms. The robust design and solid surface material can endure the industrial demands of commercial applications.
Q: Do you produce your products with other than Corian® solid surface?
A: All of the products produced by Grifform® are made using DuPont tm Corian®. Some of our products can and are made from other brands of solid surface.
Q: Would you explain the differences between the Straight Wall, Square Wall or Coved Wall variations?
A: Each of these options are provided to satisfy different personal, functional and budget choices:
The straight wall option is built to allow the shower wall panels to extend directly to the floor of the shower pan and are the most requested and economical shower pan. This straight wall option will accommodate the thickest shower walls of all that Grifform offer. Generally used with shower walls of heavier weight, like Granite where the weight is baring primarily on the floor.
The square wall option provides for the shower wall panels to sit on a ledge nearly 3” from the shower pan floor with a square corner at the wall and floor line. The coved wall option is the premier offering, providing a smooth round inside corner at the floor and inside corners of the pan. This coved option also provides for the shower wall panels to set up above the floor as with the square option and both of these types allow for ¼” and ½” material thicknesses. Both the square and coved options allow for different wall material alignments as you prefer.
Q: How do I know the shower pan will fit?
A: We will generate drawings based on your specific information, which you can compose in the product request form. Open the product tab on the home page and select an item by clicking on the item you wish to preview. Options will appear and information will allow you to enter dimensions specific and variations to your shower pan needs. Upon processing your order, drawings will be produced that represent what will be built to your request. The information you provide will also include the exact drain location which will make it possible to rough in the plumbing even before your new Grifform® shower pan arrives.
Q: How do I care for my shower pan?
A: Materials the Grifform® shower pan is constructed of is easy to care for and is described thoroughly in the DuPont™ Corian® care guide. The great feature of your Grifform® shower pan is that it can be cleaned with soapy water or ammonia-based cleaners and sponge or Comet® abrasive cleaner and a ScotchBrite® pad, without any worry about damaging the surface. Unlike any other shower materials, the cleaning renews the surface and will help it look like new. Soap film, dirty grime and body oils are easily cleaned without fear of damage and rinsed away. Because the material is non-porous it does not harbor bacteria or molds that makes it ideal for use in the shower and bathroom areas.
Q: Does Grifform® endorse any particular sub floor?
A: Grifform® does not require any particular sub floor or flooring preparation products. We suggest applications that customers have found satisfied their subfloor needs. All product instructions, guidelines & limitations should be applied as recommended by the product manufactures. It is always recommended to do testing of any product before implementing completely.
Q: Do I need a plumber to install a shower pan?
A: If you are building new, or doing a renovation a plumbing contractor can install your Grifform® unit with ease. There are no special tools or knowledge of our products required. Many homeowners and “Do-It-Yourselfers” have installed Grifform® showers for years without problem.
Q: Can I use tile, granite or materials like these for my shower wall surrounds?
A: Grifform® has designed our shower pan units to allow any number of materials to be used. Design variations have been engineered to allow for different sub floors, wall backers, setbacks and clearance requirements. Look at the possible variation details provided, you will find one that qualifies. Other special situations are likely and Grifform® will work with you to satisfy your requirements where possible.
Q: Can Grifform shower pans be used with granite, marble or tile walls?
A: Grifform® shower pans are design with the flexibility of being combined with a limitless variety of wall panel materials. Different variations and options provide a diverse combination of thickness and interface choices.
Q: Can I remove an existing shower pan without removing the existing wall surfaces?
A: The Grifform® shower pan can replace an existing unit without completely removing the existing walls by undercutting the needed space to receive the new Grifform® pan. After installing the Grifform® pan the new shower walls or panels can be installed over the existing walls to complete the installation. This has been recognized as a major advantage in both time and rubbish removal.
Q: Do you have different threshold options?
A: Grifform® has possibly the largest variation of shower pan options anywhere. Entries vary from the more traditional smooth, straight lined curbs or entries with overhanging top caps. Level joining floors are often referred to as no-egress entries while shallow raised ramps are called low-egress. Although these general types are customary, building to meet individual requirements are consistently needed and satisfied.
Q: Is the material used too slick to be used as a shower floor?
A: The Grifform® shower pans are constructed of solid surface material with a very gradual slope. These materials are reported not as slick when wet as other bathing product materials. Additionally, Grifform® can provide a slip resistant surface if requested on any Custom or Classic shower unit, and this special surface is provided on all Barrier Free options.
Q: How do I install a shower pan?
A: The Grifform® shower pan is one of the easiest units available to install. The installation guide will take you step by step through the process which can be done in just minutes in some cases. Grifform® has engineered design features into each unit to provide for simple quick installation, and have designed them to accommodate a wide variety of wall surfacing material, should you choose to use wall materials other than Corian®.
Q: What type of sub floor does it require for installation of a shower pan?
A: The unit is designed for installation on frame or concrete slab construction. The Grifform® shower pan has all the necessary support built into the unit and needs only a level and sound floor. If those conditions need improvement, suggestions are provided and materials are recommended.
Q: What is the offset requirement for the shower wall?
A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions and perhaps the one with the most possible answers. Grifform® has designed the shower pan unit to be the most adaptable unit of its kind for the use of differing adjoining materials. As different materials are applied on the shower walls it changes the location of the pan to the wall when installed. You can follow the rough in guide that will direct you through how to determine the right placement for your choice of wall surfacing material.
Q: What is different about the Classic shower pan?
A: The Grifform® “Classic” shower pan is built following the industry standard sizes, shapes and basic colors. Another commonality with most other stock shower options are the drains are centered which makes upgrading from fiberglass or acrylic showers much easier. Grifform® Classic pans also provide tub replacement sizes in right and left hand models. Tub replacement is one of the most common upgrades in almost all renovation projects.
Q: Do you have non-obtrusive threshold options?
A: Grifform® has many different configurations that satisfy those having reduced mobility. However growing numbers are using this option just because they like the appearance and flexibility it affords them later. Many options are being employed now that were not considered necessary in the very recent past. Grifform® has embraced this growing need providing tub replacement units that are made specifically for this application with level and shallow ramping entries for easy wheel chair and walker access.
Q: Are there any options for extra slip resistant surfacing on shower or bathroom floors.
A: The Grifform® shower pans and floors are constructed of solid surface material with a gradual slope. Grifform® provides a slip resistant surface on all “Barrier Free” models as a standard specification. This surface treatment has been certified to be in conformance with ADA requirements.
Q: What is a Trench Drain Pan?
A: The Grifform® shower pans have many different demands one is to prevent water to exit the shower without likely hood of possible accidental blockage. This can be more likely when garments or toweling items might be dropped inside the shower compartment. There is a greater potential for this kind of event happening in these ADA situations. For the added protection Grifform developed this system built of solid surface materials that is durable, inconspicuous and provides easy tool-less removal of the trench cover for easy cleaning.
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