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Surgical Scrub Sinks

Surgical Scrub Sinks

Surgical Scrub Sinks: were created with one purpose in mind, protect the healthcare provider with a comfortable and splash proof sanitary scrub. The Grifform® Scrub Sinks are designed with no joints, sharp corners or overhanging edges that can harbor bacteria, mildew or molds. Made of DuPont™ Corian®, a proven, dependable non-porous surface, this is a perfect match for healthcare. This product was designed to be wall mounted allowing foot values, motion or light detection faucets along with a solid and comfortable surface to brace against for hands free support. Ordinary lavatory drain ports are conveniently provided.

Surgical Scrub Sinks: Detailed Product Information

Grifform® Kitchen Sinks: Certification

to meet HUD Bulletin 73a, CSA B45.5/ IAPMO Z124, & ASME A 112.197/CSA B45.10

Q: Can Grifform sinks be used with granite, marble or tile?
A: Grifform® sinks are built to be easily installed under, over or through any surfacing material. The design flexibility is so versatile many combinations of materials can be used.
Q: Does your listed price include shipping?
A: No, shipping costs are determined by the destination, weight and zip code. Grifform® will provide you with an estimated cost for the product you are requesting and the transporters approximate shipping time.
Q: What if I can’t find the sink size I need?
A: Grifform® has one of the most extensive selection of Solid Surface sinks anywhere. Should you need something not listed you will find we have many models that allow for modifications as part of the Grifform® sink program.

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Surgical Scrub Sinks Accessories
PopUp Drain
This Overflow works well with any Grifform® Lavatory Sink.
This Pop Up Drain works well with any Grifform® Lavatory Sink.
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