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Kitchen Sinks

Round Corner Kitchen Sinks were created with maximum flexibility in design and functionality. You can order these models in nearly all (100+) Corian colors. Importantly this style has customizable heights and variations which allow them to be installed under the counter, over or as a farm faced unit. Combining any number of units can allow you to configure many different profiles including, double and triple combinations or even with a drain board accessory. Custom Sinks are one of Grifform’s premier products and many have been modified to meet special customer requirements, i.e., ADA (Handicap) versions. Please explore the possibilities outlined below and configure the different variations to satisfy your needs.

Kitchen Sinks: Detailed Product Information

Grifform® Kitchen Sinks: Certification

to meet HUD Bulletin 73a, CSA B45.5/ IAPMO Z124, & ASME A 112.197/CSA B45.10

Q: Can Grifform sinks be used with granite, marble or tile?
Q: Can I order an Overmount sink instead of an ordinary Undermount variation?
Q: Does your listed price include shipping?
Q: Can I have a different height sink?
Q: What if I can’t find the sink size I need?
Q: Can I change the drain location on a Kitchen Sink?
Q: What if I have to replace an existing sink and I can’t find anything that will match the opening in my countertop?

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KRC7125U ~ Spec Sheet KRC712
Kitchen Sinks
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The Undermount variation is the Grifform standard (default) model. They are constructed with a one inch under mounting rim for adhesion below the counter surface.
The Overmount variation is built to apply over any counter top and has a one and one half inch exposed rim that is finished and has a rounded outside edge to blend softly into the counter.
The Farm Face variation allows the sink to be mounted through the cabinet face. The price for the model will have an additional cost when a Farm Face is requested. The additional cost will be calculated after submission and you will be contacted for any additional information that might be required.
This basket strainer works well with any Grifform® Kitchen Sink.
This basket strainer works well with any Grifform® Kitchen Sink.

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