Lavatory Sinks ~

Lavatory Sinks

Six different Styles: are available including Round Corner, Formed, Coved, Scooped, Trough and Ramping to satisfy both commercial and residential applications. Importantly several styles have customizable heights and variations which allow them to be installed under, over, or partially through the counter top or may be wall hung. Some models allow for concealed drains and all are available with or without overflows. Custom Sinks are one of Grifform’s premier products and many of the Grifform® Lavatory sinks qualify as ADA (handicap) models, based upon placement. Please review the possibilities outlined below.

Trench Drain Pans: Detailed Product Information

Grifform® Lavatory Sink: Certification

to meet HUD Bulletin 73a, CSA B45.5/ IAPMO Z124, & ASME A 112.197/CSA B45.10

FL10105 F10105U F11104 F11104U FL14115 F14115U FL14148 F14147U FL15115 F15155U FLA5126 F15126U FL15155 F15155U FL16135 F16135U FL19167 F19167U FL21166 FL21166U FL21166 FR21166U FL36156 F36156U MLQC14125 C14126U MLQC16146 C16146U MLQC16155 C16156U MLQC18145 C18146U MLQC22123 C22126U MLQC27106 C28106U MLQN14146 R14146U MLQN21146 R21146U MLQSN20148 R20148U MLOV17146 RC17146U MLOV18126 RC18126U MLRC12126 RC12126U MLRC13164 RC14166U MLRC16145 RC16146U MLRC16168 RC16166U MLRC20188 RC20186U MLRC221710 RC22176U MLRC27179 RC27176U MLSN1698 S1698U MLSN20136 S20136U MLSN21128R S22128RU

Q: Can Grifform sinks be used with granite, marble or tile?
A: Grifform ® sinks are built to be easily installed under, over or through any surfacing material. The design flexibility is so versatile many combinations of materials can be used.
Q: Can I order an Overmount sink instead of an ordinary Undermount variation?
A: Yes any of our sinks can be either Undermount or Overmount. Many models are also offered as Vessel or Wall Hung variations.
Q: Does your listed price include shipping?
A: No, shipping costs are determined by the destination, weight and zip code. Grifform ® will provide you with an estimated cost for the product you are requesting and the transporters approximate shipping time.
Q: Can I have a different height sink?
A: Yes all Grifform ® Kitchen and Utility along with many Lavatory sinks allow heights to be altered from the standard height which are stated. These can be altered in heights from 3” to 12″ in one inch increments. This option can be selected on the “Product Request Form” where desired heights can be selected and pricing adjustments are applied.
Q: What if I can’t find the sink size I need?
A: Grifform ® has one of the most extensive selection of Solid Surface sinks anywhere. Should you need something not listed you will find we have many models that allow for modifications as part of the Grifform ® sink program.
Q: Are overflow drains required in my lavatory sink?
A: Overflow drains are included as part of most standard lavatory sink. However, not legally required and Grifform ® offers this as a feature that can be omitted. Simply tag that option on your request form.
Q: Can I change the drain location on a Lavatory Sink?
A: Yes you can change the drain location on most of the Lavatory Sinks for an additional fee. Some styles don’t have that option but new models can and are being added regularly.

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The Undermount variation is the Grifform standard (default) model. They are constructed with a one inch under mounting rim for adhesion below the counter surface.
The Overmount variation is built to apply over any counter top and has a one and one half inch exposed rim that is finished and has a rounded outside edge to blend softly into the counter.
The Vessel variation is the same size and style lavatory sinks as above however, the outside of the sink bowl has a finished surface to match the interior. These variations are designed to sit above the counter or can be mounted partially submerged. The price for the model will have an additional cost when a Vessel is requested. The additional cost will be calculated after submission and you will be contacted for any additional information that might be required.
The Wall Mount variation also comes in the same style, size and shapes, as above but are constructed with a top rim and apron to conceal the under side of the sink bowl. This allows the variation to be mounted onto the wall suspended above the floor. These variations can be used with optional pedestal bases. The price for the model will have an additional cost when a Wall Mount is requested. The additional cost will be calculated after submission and you will be contacted for any additional information that might be required.
This overflow works well with any Grifform® sink.
This overflow works well with any Grifform® sink.
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